Want to know if / how your business can be transformed by using distributed ledger (blockchain) technologies?  Confused by all the hype and technical gobbledygook?  Unsure about the potential benefits or how best to proceed?

We offer objective, pragmatic business advice based on over two years blockchain customer project experience.   We will spend time understanding your business situation and plans, including the other organisations you do business with before thoroughly exploring the distributed ledger use cases you have in mind together.  

We will not confuse you with technical jargon, but promise informed, objective guidance on the transformational potential that blockchain will bring to your business.  We will be realistic about the project realisation risks given the current maturity of distributed ledger technologies.  If part or all of your use case can be realised with more tranditional, mature technology we will tell you!

If you decide to proceed with the project, we can help you select the right blockchain fabric (or plumbing / middeware) suited to the use case, and get the project off the best start through a Design Thinking workshop.  We can also introduce you to impementation teams to relise the project with you through our network. | @JohnP261