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This is a time ordered list of my blockchain blog posts, newest first. 

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Ventures Blogs

[30] The Future of Blockchain in Transport - an outline of my recent project with the University of Sheffield and the UK Transport Systems Catapult on this fascinating topic. []

[29] Hype and the 4 ages of blockchain - a short guide to how blockchain has develped over time, and how technology vendors have responded.  []

[28] Getting blockchain through the Trough of Disllusionment - I’ve long been a fan of Gartner’s Hype Cycle for some time.  In this article I explore the actions a technology vendor should - and should not - take at each phase in the cycle. []

[27] Business Blockchain - my book - published in October 2018 - explaining blockchain in business terms so organisations can realise its full transformational value []

[26] Realising Citizen-centric Identity - imagine a world where loosing our driving licence is no longer a nightmare!  It may be closer than you think . . . []

[25] Combating Electric Bike Theft with Blockchain - an easy to understand use case with compelling blockchain value []

[24] Creating a Culture for Open Innovation - reflections from the Global Open Innovation Summit in 2017 including explaining how the Linux Foundation Hyperledger Project is an exemplar of Open Innovation in action! []

[23] Ten blockchain project pitfalls - and how to avoid them!  Learnings from customer project work in the form of risk and mitigation approaches. []

Blogs @IBM

I averaged two blogs per month whilst with the IBM Blockchain team, publishing them on the IBM platform and LinkedIn.  Here they are in reverse chronological order (newest first), with a short synopsis.  I’m grateful to my friends and colleagues at IBM for their inspiration through this time - I leart so much from them!

[22] 10 Lessons : Design Thinking with Blockchain - Design Thinking is a perfect way to start off a blockchain project.  These are my “top 10” lessons based on facilitating some 18 blockchain Design Thinking workshops with customers.

[21] Combating Fake News with Document Provenance - much has been said & written recently on the veracity of news items and political “facts”.  In this post I explore how the “provenance” property of blockchain can help us understand the source of news items and “bold claims". []

[20] Blockchain for Responsible Business - I was so inspired by the “Making Business Mutual" forum organised by Oxford SAID Business School and the MARS foundation on the importance of trust in business that I wrote this post about how blockchain can help.

[19] Ten things blockchain is NOT - I wrote this post as a reaction to the all too common hype of “blockchain's the answer, what’s the question”.

[18] Boiling down Business Blockchain - unsure of what to say when someone asks “What is Blockchain”?  This blog post could be useful for preparing your “elevator pitch”.

[17] Blockchain & Cyber Security - OK - I did not write this one either!  It was produced by the ENISA team with my input on permissioned ledger security aspects.  The best treatment of this interesting subject I’ve seen! []

[16] Blockchain in Government: Building Trust, Demolishing Bureaucracy - in the longer term, I believe that blockchain has more to offer to the government than the finance industry.  I wrote this post to outline two main areas of (largely untapped) potential.

[15] Consensus for Business Blockchain - “consensus” is one of the major ways that trust is enhanced in a blockchain solution.  This blog post explains the term and how business blockchain can achieve transactional agreement without excessive computational overheads.

[14] Building a Blockchain Business Network - a business network is THE essential prerequisite for a good blockchain use case.  But how do we facilitate the network coming together to realise the full transformational potential of blockchain?  This post explains all!

[13] Blockchain for Asset Registration - my Govenment colleagues tell me that Asset Registration is a REALLY compelling blockchian use case in their industry.  Read about the challenges & blockchain solutions in this blog post.

[12] Tacking Tax Evasion in a Digital Economy - with the meteoric rise in the prevelance and importance of digital assets, it’s vital to be able to track their value, ownership and transfer if tax avoidance is to be prevented.  Blockchain technology can help as this blog post outlines. 

[11] Blockchain, Hyperledger & Open Innovation - Open Innovation was originally coined by Prof. Henry Chesborough in the early 2000’s as a awy for organisatio to create value by combining their ideas with those from their business network members.  Blockchain can enable Open Innovation across a business network, and the Linux Foundation Hyperledger Project is an excellent example of Open Innovation in action!

[10] Reflections: one year working blockchain - my original title to this blog post was censored by my colleagues (!).  Here are my five top lessons & reflections.

[9] Blockchain Privacy Services - one of the most critical and most widely missunderstood components of a blockchain solution explained in business terms.  No gobledygook - promise!

[8] What's a Good Use Case? - five straight forward tests to determine if your use case would benefit from the application of blockchain technologies.

[7] Blockchain Smart Contracts - what’s a “smart contract” and how are they critical to blockchain for business.

[6] Design Thinking & Blockchain - why is a Design Thinking Workshop a perfect way to start off a blockchain project? The purpose, structure and application is described herin.

[5] Cyber Security & Blockchain - is a blockchain solution a hacker’s dream or worst nightmare?  This blog post treats the subject at a business level and from a hacker’s viewpoint.

[4] Asset Management Use Case - blockchain offers an ideal way to manage the lifecycle of a complex asset, such as an oil rig or commercial aircraft.  This blog post outlines the challenge and solutions potential. And explained the “bath tub curve” of asset management.

[3] Provenance Use Case - blockchain holds a complete, tamper proof audit trail of who’s owned what, when across the business network.  This is known as “provenance” and is key to many important use cases. []

[2] Supply Chain Management Use Case - or “blockchain, where’s my stuff?”.  Supply chain management is the most popular, cross industry use case for blockchain.  This blog post outlines the challenge and explains how blockchain can help.

[1] Blockchain in Government - the first blog post I wrote on blockchain was to highlight the potential in the government industry.  My viewpoint is outlined here, and expanded upon in more recent blogs. []

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