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This page contains links relating to business blockchain,  sorted by business services.  

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Human Resources

[h5] Bityond -  web platform that matches candidates' technical skills to projects' Jobs, allowing employers to find the right people for the right projects. Uses blockchain ‘under the covers’.  White paper describing blockchain technology usage.

[h4] Blockchain in HR: Interesting Use Cases for Human Resources (Voice on Growth, 2019) - There is a significant opportunity for blockchain to establish itself in human resources. Learn about HR blockchain use cases. 

[h3] How will blockchain impact HR and the world of work (PwC, 2019) - brought together some of the UK’s leading blockchain experts with HR leaders to explore its possible impacts.

[h2] HR information management model based on blockchain (IEEE Wang, et al 2017) explaning how blockchain can improve the authenticity of human resource information and hence the cost and efficiency of human resource management.

[h1] 5 ways blockchain will affect HR (Gartner, Aug 2019) - explaining early HR use cases which offer a glimpse into the blockchain future for Human Resources Management.

Corporate Finance, Governance & Audit

[f4] Blockchain: A game changer for audit processes (Deloitte) - outlining several potential benefits which might be realised in the audit process through the rising adoption of blockchain technology.

[f3] Blockchain Solutions for Agency Problems in Corporate Governance (SSRN, 2019) how blockchain creates the infrastructure for decentralized networked governance that, over time, creates the environment that enables the removal of internal and external monitoring mechanisms previously necessitated by agency problems in corporate governance.

[f2] Token Offerings: A Revolution in Corporate Finance? (SSRN, Momtaz et al, 2019) how blockchain might herald a revolution in entrepreneurial and corporate finance, with soaring market growth rates over the last two years. This paper surveys the market evolution, offering mechanisms, and token types. 

[f1] The current and future state of blockchain in corporate finance (emerge, 2019) - explaining the opportunity for corporate finance to benefit from blockchain.

Supply Chain

[s3] IBM Food Trust - use of blockchain to improve tracability of food from ‘farm to fork’.  Based on Walmart project.

[s2]  Blockchain and it’s impact on actors in a supply chain - excellent MSc dissertation by Robbie Moulding (who I had the pleasure of supervising in 2019) with an impressive body of work and reference list on this fascinating topic []

[s1] Supply Chain Management Use Case - or “blockchain, where’s my stuff?”.  Supply chain management is the most popular, cross industry use case for blockchain.  This blog post outlines the challenge and explains how blockchain can help.

 Asset Management

[a1] Blockchain for Asset Registration - my Govenment colleagues tell me that Asset Registration is a REALLY compelling blockchian use case in their industry.  Read about the challenges & blockchain solutions in this blog post.

Transportation and Logistics

[t4] Blockhain in transport and logistics (EXL)  - When a shipment moves from its origin to its destination, it takes a shipper, a carrier, and several intermediaries. But what about a future where those intermediaries - or middlemen - might become irrelevant and disappear? Enter blockchain technology.

[t3] 10 Things to Know About Blockchain for the Transportation Industry (SheppartMullin) - an easy to read document outlining the characteristics of blockchin that make it useful for transportation and some use cases with links.

[t2] Blockchain disruption in transport (TSC, Jun 18) - exploring how blockchain, a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), could disrupt the transport sector in the coming years. 

[t1] The Future of Blockchain in Transport - an outline of my recent project with the University of Sheffield and the UK Transport Systems Catapult on this fascinating topic. []

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