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Creating a Culture for Open Innovation - reflections from the Global Open Innovation Summit in 2017 including explaining how the Linux Foundation Hyperledger Project is an exemplar of Open Innovation in action! []

Blogs @IBM

I averaged two blogs per month whilst with IBM.  Here they are in reverse chronological order (newest first), with a short synopsis.  I’m grateful to my friends and colleagues at IBM for their inspiration through this time - I leart so much from them!

Blockchain for Responsible Business - I was so inspired by the “Making Business Mutual" forum organised by Oxford SAID Business School and the MARS foundation on the importance of trust in business that I wrote this post about how blockchain can help. []

Blockchain in Government: Building Trust, Demolishing Bureaucracy - in the longer term, I believe that blockchain has more to offer to the government than the finance industry.  I wrote this post to accompany the IBM Institute for Business Value paper “Building Trust in Government” to outline these two main areas of (largely untapped) potential. []

Cloud - disrupt, of be disrupted? Is there really a choice for business and government organisations when it comes to cloud computing adoption? []

Military Cloud – First Steps Practical and pragmatic advice for military (and government) organisations wanting to get started with Cloud Computing []

Cloud for the Military - Projects & Promise Presentation on this topic given at a NATO conference including real world examples of how military organisations have adopted Cloud Computing.  []

Overcoming military cloud BLOCKAGES Examining and mitigating the four main risks associated with cloud usage by military (and Government) organisations.  []

Cloud for the Military? Military organisations face a number of challenges that can be solved with Cloud Computing.  []

Cloud Explained with a Pizza Analogy! Many terms associated with Cloud Computing are confusing to business practitioners.  Key terms explained with a Pizza cooking analogy! [] | @JohnP261