SPD Mini MBA Business Leadership - Operations 


[1] Towards the fourth industrial revolution

[1] What are business operations - overview with examples in different industries

[2] Business Operations - why you need it, and why eventually you won’t 

[3] Guide for successful business operations

[4] Industry X.0 (Accenture)

[5] What is industry 4.0? (Forbes)

[6] What it means, how to respond (WEF) The Fourth Industrial Revolution: what it means, how to respond

[7] WEF Global Intelligence (WEF) website of Industry 4.0 resources

[8] Digital Transformation Revolution (Medium) The Digital Technology Transformation

[9] Fourth Industrial Revolution - practices, opportunities, challenges (Petrillo et al)

[10] Challenges (Deloitte) Industry 4.0 Challenges and solutions for the digital transformation and use of exponential technologies

[2] Components of business operations

[1] Business Process Management - useful but short three-minute overview video.

[2] process.st - Top 10 business processes - handy guide / checklist to the team common processes with checklists for what to expect from them.

[3] DTHR - Process modelling and mapping - 11 page practical guide covering the basic principles of BPM at an accessible and useful level.

[4] Svitla – Data vs information – explaining these two interrelated concepts which form the cornerstone of valuable insights that drive intelligent decisions and successful outcomes for businesses and organizations alike.

[5] Cambridge Exam Board - Data, information, knowledge – a short document designed for technology students providing the best explanation I’ve found on this topic.

[6] Smartsheet - Information management strategies - information management (IM) is making sure that the right people have the right information at the right time. This document explains what’s needed to make this happen.

[7] UWE - Logical data structures - handy overview of how to build them containing the technical detail to start building information (data) structure diagrams.

[8] CMMI - Data Management Maturity Model - 53 page presentation describing the goal and realisation of the maturity model

[9] Credera - Data modelling explained (in 10 mins or less) - short description of this important technique with some useful examples.

[10] Oracle – What is data management? – explaining the broad range of tasks, policies, procedures, and practices involved with managing digital data in an organization.

[3] Transforming business operations

[1] Horizon scanning: a practitioner’s guide – 23 page PDF document produced by the Institute of Risk Management’s innovation special interest group offers a guide to the method, sources and stakeholder feedback.

[2] Emerging risk management and horizon scanning – open learning module from the UK Open University exploring the relationship between these topics.

[3] UK Open University Computing Modules – 366 modules (some are free) covering the technology landscape.

[4] How to build your creative confidence – 11 minute TED talk from David Kelly (IDEO, Stanford) one of the thought leaders in design thinking

[5] Speed up innovation with design thinking – 13 minute TED talk from Guido Stompff describing how design thinking can kickstart the innovation process.

[6] What to Know When Planning System Integration – technical overview of different types of integration and technologies can be used.

[7] REST versus SOAP - what’s the difference?  - (technical) blog post helping with this important software integration choice.

[8] Cyber security design principles – web page of advice from UK NCSC on secure by design

[9] Agile development and non-functional requirements – web page setting out how non-functional requirements impact the key elements of an agile development.

[10]  Non-functional Requirements: Examples, Types, How to Approach – an easy to read web page explaining NFRs and how to approach the important choices that need to be made.

[11] Non-functional Requirements (University of Toronto) - understanding, setting and testing NFRs.

[12] TED talks on cyber security – 63 TED talks covering different aspects of this important topic.

[13] Five factors - build vs buy – a pragmatic short guide to this important decision!

[14] Pros and Cons of Agile and Waterfall – comparing and contrasting the two development methods with balanced advice on their merits and usage.

[15] Agile versus Waterfall – 9 minute video explaining the three most impactful differences.

[16] Common Risks in Agile Projects and How to Deal with Them – easy to understand web page discussing the main risks in agile development with practical suggestions for their mitigation.

[17] How fragile is your agile – report by Deloitte outlining the six most common pitfalls of agile and how they can be avoided.

[18] Being agile in a non-agile place – 13 minute TED talk answering the question ‘Is it possible for a disruptive and potentially game changing start-up to take root inside a giant corporation?’

[19] Lead like the great conductors – 20 minute TED talk on what project managers can learn from six great 20th century conductors.

[20] As work gets more complex, six rules to simplify – 12 minute TED talk on reducing complexities.

[21] The puzzle of motivation – 18 minute TED talk on sustaining a healthy team.

[4] Leadership, culture and change

[1] People and Organisational Culture the development and usage of the Organizational Culture Profile.

[2] 5 TED Talks to Inspire Great Company Culture – exploring different aspects of culture.

[3] Measuring Culture: 18-page eBook with contributions from several authors.

[4] 10 culture metrics you should be tracking how company culture determines how things get done.

[5] Defining a digital culture – case study-centric paper.

[6Digital transformation challenges a systematic literature review.

[7The role of culture in digital transformation explores how organizations work through a digital transformation.

[8The nine elements of digital transformation how managers can use technology to redefine their businesses.

[9Growth mindset behaviours ‘building a culture that delivers better business outcomes’.

[10.How to drive cultural change three integral steps businesses can take to drive company change.

[11Understanding the agile mindset contrasting this to bureaucratic mindset common in some organisation.

[12EAST Four simple ways to apply behavioural insights how behaviour can be changed.

[13The power of believing you can improve 10 minute TED Talk Prof. Carol Dweck.

[14Life begins at the end of your comfort zone  9-minute TED talk power of moving beyond your comfort zone.

[15Leadership in digital transformation (infographic) why leadership in digital transformation processes is so important.

[16] Leadership in the digital era includes Prof. Dweck’s mindset framework at the centre of making leaders more effective.


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