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I introduce blockchain in business terms assuming no prior knowledge nor technical background. After giving a short history of its evolution, I outline the building blocks and describe how these come together in a business blockchain. I explain the platform choices and present a comprehensive framework for a successful first project. I also discuss security and privacy considerations, the potential for government usage and give comprehensive illustrations of business usage of the emerging technology.

My book includes 53 figures and tables, 85 references, 154 pages. It includes forewords by Dr Julia Glidden of IBM and Professor Lenny Koh from the University of Sheffield.


I’m convinced that blockchain is transformational when applied to the right business problem. But there is still an awareness gap with business practitioners just starting to understand blockchain’s full potential beyond it’s bitcoin roots. This needs to be overcome for us to find the right business challenges where blockchain can add most value.

I hope to bring some clarity to what blockchain is and how it can help organisations - both commercial and government - prepare themselves for a future where complex transactions across multiple businesses can be fast, efficient and trusted.


contents & [page count]

Foreword [6]

User guide [1]

1. Blockchain basics [10]

2. Brief history of blockchain [8]

3. Building blocks [18]

4. Platform choices [8]

5. First project [34]

6. Business usage [26]

7. Government blockchain [16]

8. Security and privacy [10]

9. Starting the journey [9]

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