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[10] Foundations of digital transformation - outlining the first two steps needed to get the transformation off the best start. []

[9] A structured, agile approach to digital transformation - my recommended approach to the change process  []

[8] Digital Transformation - tech is the easy part - considering the human side of digital transformation and the need for excellent teamwork to guide the process.  []

[7] Why I don’t like the term ‘Digital Transformation' -  how a well fomulated, comprehensively communicated organisational strategy is a vital underpinning of digital transformation. []

[6] Never stop learning! My seven lessons from teaching a Digital Innovation module at Salford 

[5] Creating a Culture for Open Innovation - reflections from the Global Open Innovation Summit in 2017 including explaining how the Linux Foundation Hyperledger Project is an exemplar of Open Innovation in action! []

Blogs @IBM

I averaged two blogs per month whilst with IBM.  Here they are in reverse chronological order (newest first), with a short synopsis.  I’m grateful to my friends and colleagues at IBM for their inspiration through this time - I leart so much from them!

[4] Blockchain for Responsible Business - I was so inspired by the “Making Business Mutual" forum organised by Oxford SAID Business School and the MARS foundation on the importance of trust in business that I wrote this post about how blockchain can help.

[3] Blockchain in Government: Building Trust, Demolishing Bureaucracy - in the longer term, I believe that blockchain has more to offer to the government than the finance industry.  I wrote this post to outline two main areas of (largely untapped) potential.

[2] Insights from data at the edge - DATA has been described as the new natural resource.   Insights from data are essential for gaining information superiority for business and government alike.  This post explains the value of harvesting data from the edge of network.

[1] Cloud for the Military - Projects & Promise Presentation on this topic given at a NATO conference including real world examples of how military organisations have adopted Cloud Computing.  []

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